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Dual Career Information

The Institution is committed to providing assistance to dual career professionals.  We recognize the challenge of balancing work and the importance of making a positive career decision for you and your significant other. Working with you to fully understand your and your significant other's needs, the Institution will make every effort to make this a positive move for both of you.

Recognizing a Need

The Institution sees the benefits of internally hiring or finding local employment for your significant other as not only securing one quality hire, but possibly two.  It also helps support the Institution employee's balance of work and life.

We understand that as a candidate you may be hesitant to divulge your marital status.   The Institution makes each hiring decision based on the experience of the candidate and the potential for success. We do not weigh hiring decisions on the possibilities of a dual career need.  However, as a candidate we recognize that your decision to accept our position will likely involve your significant other's employment situation.

Please know that the earlier in the process the Institution is aware of the need, we can work to help address it.

Our Networking Team

The Science Department Chairs, Administrative Managers, the Vice Presidents, Academic Programs Office, and the Deputy Director and Vice President for Research, in addition to our neighboring and discipline specific contacts will work together with the two of you. This team approach ensures that a diverse population is aware of the need.

Services Available

  • Consultation services to your significant other
  • Job search assistance
  • Contact information of network partners and networking assistance
  • Resume/CV and cover letter critique
  • Information about local employment demographics

What Kind of Professions are Available?

The Institution from time to time, offers a wide range of employment opportunities that may suit your needs, including research positions, technical positions, administrative positions and academic appointments. Our team network may also uncover other options for those whose profession is not directly linked to the Institution. Please visit our Career Opportunities Page for the latest openings.

While the Institution cannot guarantee securing employment, our goal is to provide assistance and additional tools and resources to help aid in the process.  The sooner we are aware of your needs, the sooner we can begin working on addressing those needs.

Dual Career Services continue for your significant other for up to one year after your hire or until your significant other secures employment, whichever comes first.

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution will abide by all applicable regulations by not illegally discriminating against any applicant, employee or student on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

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